[4K热门电影] 指尖 Fingernails (2023) / Fingernails.2023.2160p

◎译   名  指尖
◎片   名  Fingernails
◎年   代  2023
◎产   地  美国
◎类   别  剧情 / 科幻
◎语   言  英语
◎上映 日期   2023-11-03(美国/美国网络)
◎IMDb评分  N/A/10 from 167 users
◎IMDb链接  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13968674/
◎豆瓣 评分  0/10 from 0 users
◎豆瓣 链接  https://movie.douban.com/subject/35342570/
◎片   长  113分钟
◎导   演  克里斯托斯·尼寇 Christos Nikou
◎编   剧  克里斯托斯·尼寇 Christos Nikou / Stavros Raptis / Sam Steiner
◎主   演  杰瑞米·艾伦·怀特 Jeremy Allen White
杰西·巴克利 Jessie Buckley
安妮·墨菲 Annie Murphy
里兹·阿迈德 Riz Ahmed
卢克·威尔逊 Luke Wilson
尼娜·凯莉 Nina Kiri
克莱尔·麦康奈尔 Clare McConnell
阿曼达·阿库里 Amanda Arcuri
凯蒂·布赖尔 Katy Breier
Avaah Blackwell
朱诺·里纳尔迪 Juno Rinaldi
吉姆·沃森 Jim Watson
坦凯·雷德弗斯 Tanchay Redvers
瓦伦·萨朗加 Varun Saranga
Ashleigh Rains
Tameka Griffiths
Mish Tam
Heather Dicke
Delainie Marcia
Lauren Horejda
苏巴斯·桑托什 Subhash Santosh

◎简  介

Set in an uncanny future — or perhaps a slightly alternate present where cellphone technology is nowhere to be found — Anna and her partner Ryan have achieved every couple’s dream: they are in possession of a document certifying their true love. Their comfortable if somewhat mundane life, however, leaves Anna questioning their successful love test, administered by placing their extracted fingernails into a cutting-edge machine. Anna soon begins working for the Love Institute under the tutelage of Duncan (Luke Wilson), which, in addition to determining a couples’ status via the mysterious test, trains them to deepen bonds. There, she’s paired with the experienced — and devastatingly charming — Amir to take couples at various stages of relationships through a series of love-building activities before the big test. As the new colleagues work to ameliorate the connections of clients, Anna begins to wonder if perhaps Amir is her one true love and if trusting her own feelings is a more reliable metric than what is determined by a machine.

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